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United States Marine Corps United States Marine Corps

Gallery 3

Obviously not taken at Battalion. Skipper, Capt. O'Kelly, must be going native for one of his famous recon patrols! LZ Baldy. Unk G/Sgt.

Chu Lai, Sgt. Fred Jura on top, don't know the horsie.

Going away party, Chu Lai, the officer is Lt. Sam Martini. Smothering the Lt. is Dave Lawson, I think he's looking for a.)a transfer, b.)a promotion, c.) another COLD beer. The answer is obviously C. This shave your head and go to the DMZ thing has me baffled on some. Bob Mollossi in door

The famous LZ Baldy, "snatch and grab" of the Army Pig. Had to put a return address on him before he got to go back with his army buddies.

Unk. Marine, "they told me this Eimco would push mountains" OOPS, I need triple A!, Ca Lu