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United States Marine Corps United States Marine Corps

Gallery 17

Ca Lu 1967, twin 40, "monkeyshines" entering Ca Lu compound with convoy, 1967.Marine with back showing, Dixon.  Larry Organ to right.  "Tankers" unknown.

Unk army personnel, 1968 at LZ Baldy, all I can remember is that he was an "armourer" and was good for scrounging "things" from Notice the "Fridge in the background. Damm Doggies had it all.

"Sea Stallion" departing Ca Lu, 1968, taking "ground fire" from adjacent hillside.

Fuzzy Pic of me, Cpl Mike Cummins, Chu Lai, 1967.

2nd from left, Lawson.  Seated in center John Nielson, back toward camera, Hardy.