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United States Marine Corps United States Marine Corps

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My 'home away from home' The white engineer tape came in handy at night, Do NOT turn on a flashlight, not good for your health. Ca Lu.

Homemade Mine, made of M-60 HE, blasting caps under the shells, and Det cord around a "nasty" compressed block of Buffalo stuff. LZ Baldy, North Sweep I think.

"Gunner" Gleyzal working on paperwork into the night. One of my most memorable people in the Nam. A commanding presence, a suttle leader, and ALWAYS right. Ca Lu. I also served with "Gunner" in 5th Service Batallion, 5th Marine Division, Camp Pendelton, Calif.

Pic 4, "Stevens, Motor "T", "Keep em rollin"! LZ Baldy.

"A good reason NOT to travel North ahead of the "sweep". Just south of the Song Ba Ren River bridge.