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Gallery 15

Just outside the east gate to LZ Baldy. CAC, in "winning the hearts and minds" of the locals, built this church for them to use. Was unusually far from the "center" of the vill. Amazingly turned out to be a favorite for local snipers to practice from. All the "decorations" to the church were made by "D" Company personnel. This Church was just outside our section of the "wire". 1968.

More shots of the "Song Ba Ren River Bridge Project North of LZ Baldy and South of the KMC compound. 1968.

Myself, Sgt. Mike Cummins, and M/Sgt Le Duc, assessing our next move after a FNG, parked our front end loader in a pattie. We had it up and running and in the compound before nightfall. Route 1, South of the Song Ba Ren River, 1968.

My, (M. Cummins), little corner of the hootch. LZ Baldy, 1968.  Ky. State flag on right was flown above the state capital building then mailed to me by the Gov.  Flags sent to every "native son" upon request.

Looking North West from "D" Company perimeter area, Battalion HQ, Chu Lai, 1967.